Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greenhouse ( Casa Verde )

The first poster for the family band known as Greenhouse (Casa Verde). Green house is a Salinas based Indie bansd made of Netsirk(Bass), Nebula 4(Guitar), Chikis(Drums), and our brother Enano(violin).

Morning Spy

The purpose for creating this poster was a remembrance of good times. Its for one of the band members(Allison Goffman) of Morning Spy a indie pop band. The place of performance and date are fictitious but check out their music. Great music.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Urban Action

Its been some long months. This year i did some design work for the Urban Studies Program at San Fransico State University. I worked on some Advertisement for the Journal they publish called Urban Action. Urban Action is a collection of essays, poems, photos, and postcards showcasing urban related affairs or issues from around the world and published by students, alumni and faculty s and ended finishing the work on the Urban Action Manual.