Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nebula 4 Postcard

Yet another post. For some this is not new because i distributed a few a month ago. This is a Nebula 4 postcard since the original creation of the image back in May. A few posts back. I've updated the version and got them printed out which turned out pretty great. They serve as my business card sometimes.

Calendar 2009 Coming Soon!

Well, I've been busy refining ideas and today i also wanted to offer a sneak peak at the 2009 Calendar that I'm attempting to finish and release before the year is over. I wanted to combine two ideas, calendar's and poster's without creating the sometimes unnecessary space of four rows to represent a month and seven boxes to the days of week, instead i created a row of numbers to represent the days of the month. I created rounded yellow rectangles to represent the weekends and the important holidays would be highlighted by a dominant color found in the image that would represent an important holiday of the month. In this case Valentines Day. Hope everyone enjoys it and i'll post its release here at my blog.

A Weekend Before School

Its been a while since my last posting. what can i say? I've been busy with school. Its been a good weekend up to now, it started with various performances from the San Francisco Outside Lands (Music & Arts Festival) among them was Radiohead, The Black Keys, and Cold War Kids which i could listen from the comfort of my own home.

Today I want to present a re-design i did for an existing brochure at SFSU Cesar Chavez Student Center. The brochure was re-design for the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. This project was meant to demonstrate my grasp and understanding of design elements and the principals of design for a job interview at CCSC.

I wanted to improve and simplify the existing design that would demonstrate the goals and values of CCSC. It would speak about the man who it was named after, Richard Oakes and still represent the goals and values of CCSC. I felt the color and text layout of the brochure were obstructing. The information wasn't easy to find. The text would disappear in low light areas.

The choices i made were to connect Richard Oakes to CCSC. First, the color choices were to limit the amount of colors used. Colors that would represent Richard Oakes and CCSC. I used Red and Blue. Red, associated with courage, the courage it took Richard Oakes to occupy Alcatraz Island. Blue associated with calm and peaceful. The text was edited down to be less repetitive and easier to find information needed.

It was a good practice project to work on and think about design choices.

This is the existing design for the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center. (Inside)(Outside)