Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is my Genesis....

In the beginning, GOD created man, or something like that, and man said, "What? What am I supposed to do? Play with myself?" GOD said, "Yes! be a man." GOD knowing that man would eventually sue him for sexual harassment. GOD decided to create woman, did I mention how much I love god for this. So, when woman and man came together for the first time it was like a pack of wolves and a T bone steak. This scene is Censored. You need a permission slip for this one, I couldn't get mine signed so I can't tell you how this shit happens. I know, I missed out and i would have paid attention to this part. Damn. Anyways, GOD hearing--what's her name?--EVA screaming and panting decided to kick them out. "...but, how?" GOD thought. GOD had no reason. One day, EVA and the GUY(its not like she had much too choose from) were having too much fun that they didn't realize GOD--that sneaky bastard--had shaken the forbidden apple tree until one of the apples fell onto EVA's breast. The GUY(being too drugged on lonely girl) did not realize the apple was not EVA's breast and bit it. The apples majestic flavor rushed to his brain and the 2001 the space odyssey happened (the scene of: prehistoric man-apes and the monolith). It was the seventies all over again. GOD came down and said, "You're banished from my kingdom for eating the fruit of knowledge." From that point on GOD enjoyed his peace and quite. Nothing to disturb him from the Copa America.

and for evolution...

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