Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cafe a la Noir

A couple days ago my sister Netsirk reminded me to draw her a skull that i had promised to make for her. Sometimes i need to be reminded a few times before shit gets done.

I sat in a coffee house not far from my Apartment. I drew, I wrote, and I gazed at the beautiful scenery around me listening to the Red House Painters and like a brick to the face, the idea was born.

What do you think?

The skull ended up being an abstract portrayal of a calavera a sugar skull, a treat used in "Day of the dead" celebration instead of the classic human skull look. The calavera are traditionally made of colorful designs. To keep with tradition i choose bright colors as well. Day of the Dead (dia de los muertos or all saints' day) is held on November 1 or November 2. Its a day to honor the dead and to celebrate the continuation of life.

This is to my sister.

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