Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A look at the past: Yojimbo Poster

A several months ago i had taken a graphic design class at the SFSU downtown campus which really helped a lot. I was able to understand why i made the choices i made and be able to talk and prove to people why the design worked.

The first assignment we had was a poster design. The instructor asked us to think about our favorite film, yeah i know, its hard to choose a favorite film. I eventually settled on Yojimbo (1961) an Akira Kuroswa black and white film. In the following week he asked us to make a poster using only one font and one size(see Figure 1). He also asked us to think of the theme of the film and incoporate in the design. It was difficult challenge to design with a limited resources but managed to design to the films theme. A wandering samurai arrives at a chaotic village and is responsible for its bloody demise.

The third assignment for the class was to change the font size, add shapes, and color(see Figure 2). The design started to tell a story of the two opposing gangs in the village. The use of red for the baldly drawn squares was to symbolize the chaotic blood bath that ensued after Yojimbo's arrival. The slash between the two squares with the name of the film Yojimbo was to show that Yojimbo stood between the two gangs with no alliance to any of them.

The forth assignment was to add imagery to the design(see Figure 3, bottom left). The imagery i choose was a Japanese crest to show the consumer that they are not watching a hollywooed blockbuster but a Japanese film.

Assignment four being the end of the poster design the instructor asked us to choose once again a medium other than a poster that our design would work on, i choose apparel(see Figure 3, bottom right). After the foundations for the poster design are set then its transfer to other mediums is not to difficult.

I have finally returned to the university temporally to finish my degree in Design and Industry at San Francisco State University.

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