Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Was Born Today

Its yet another year. Its my birthday once again. I wanted to thank my mom for giving life.

I'm not the most productive person on a everyday basis but on this day i managed to create an image that identifies and symbolizes Nebula 4's mission as a designer and artist. "Thinking outside the box," a philosophy i have adopted to distinguish my work from the millions of artists found around the world. Not to constrain the work by any kind of boundaries but to tear through from its limitations like trees breaking through paved streets.

I like trees. I would look good on a T-shirt

In a yearly ritual of my birthday, the film i choose this year was Iron Man. What can i say about it? I recommend it. I must admit, i was a partial Iron Man fan because its references to Black Sabbath's song Iron Man. This film made me love comics all over again.

A sneak preview of the new upcoming toy I've been working on, nebula 4.

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