Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Sounds of Ink on Paper

It has been a short summer at least for me and its almost time to return to school and finish the last year of my Design schooling. I started the summer with dreams of doing and learning things that i would enjoy and expand my knowledge other than the school work i would be doing at SFSU. Time is running out and the my summer is ending. I still think big and dream. Its time to relax and study up for the last school year at SFSU, learn the fundamentals and elements of design for web and print. (sigh)

I must apologize for my late updates. I must say, getting sick and being sick for two weeks and a half is the worst times ever, not being able to think and do anything fun. The good news is that i was sober for about a month. (yeah. Hell yeah) Unfortunately, not anymore.

What brings me today? I wanted to share a project that i have been working for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) greeting card. Its held November 2nd. Its a celebration and tradition for Latinos to pray for family and friends that have passed away. Its a tradition to honor the dead by bringing their favorite foods and drinks to their graves or an alter. It is said that it easier for the dead to communicate with living on this day.

Initial Test Development Prints 6 x 4.5
Dia de los Muertos
Limited to 5

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